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Battle Cat - at least two different versions, with different saddles and one variant with fur

Clamp Champ - differnt variants of body colour some with blue armour or red armour

Gwildor-  slight paint variations between figures, soft silver Cosmic Key

He-Man- there was a high quality bootleg that came on a Prince Adam card. The figure was pale yellow, almost white, with white hair. The boots and pants of the figure were black, and he came with a blue Power Sword 4 different versons

Hordak - apart from the one Stevan described above (it was a fairly decent figure, sharing the carback with only 2 more figures - one Skeletor and the Man At Arms pictured in this thread), there was a HORRIBLE toy, all black - it was a Hordak head on He-Man's body - the head was painted pink, and he had a neon yellow Mekanek armor. Came with a bunch of Castle Grayskull weapons, though, so that made it OK

Jet Sled  - also pictured lot of different versions

King Hiss -the only toy with a "Mattel" marking on its back. Doesn't fall apart. The toy was either green or dark blue.

King Randor - pink unpainted body, red armor, gray crown, even cloth cape.

Man-At-Arms - pictured here

Modulok - the cooles bootleg of them all. Looked pretty much like the original, only with less parts. One could only make that six-legged, four armed, two headed configuration that is the most common, IMO.

Mosquitor - pictured here, as well. Different head colours, different guns.

Panthor - flocked or unflocked, different saddles as well.

Ram-Man - pictured here.

Rio Blast - no info...

Rokkon -pictured here

Scare Glow - all black, green pants, cloth cape.

Screeech - a fairly decent copy, stand and all. Wings didn't flap, though.

Skeletor - two variants, one pale blue, with light purple armor and Havoc Staff. The other one had no armor, but came with a blue sword and axe. Also, much closer in color to the original.

Sorceress - pictured above. Also, damn ugly!

Sssqueeze - a total color madness - mine had blue arms, black head, white pants, yellow torso, pink pants and white legs. Others had different parts painted in different colors.

Stinkor - pretty simmilar to the original. Mine had green pants.

Stratos - pictured here.

Teela - pictured here. Mine had white body, though, not blue.

Tung Lashor - at least two color variations - black body with silver chest, or greenish body with yellow chest. Same figure, though.

Two-Bad -part of the crappy wave - all black, with chest made of red plastic and yellow details on the heads. No shield.

Whiplash - mine had a green tail, dirty yellow body, and arms and legs were almost mustard- like yellow.

Orko - two differnt variants

More comming soon !!!!

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